Creating conscious partnerships with nature.

Land Stewardship Design with Barbara Hughey

By becoming responsible land stewards, we wed the beauty and the science of nature’s wisdom. By safeguarding the ecological balance of homes, gardens and farms, we help our clients fulfill their highest vision for their land. To learn how we can help you return your landscape to a state of balance, diversity and ecological sustainability, please call us at (541) 761-8983 or email us.

Land Stewardship Design with Native Plants

Native plants have evolved in place over thousands of years. Honoring that balance enables us to create beautiful healthy landscapes. This approach builds biodiversity and resilience in the face of climate change and helps to reduce pest populations in the environment. Selecting the right plant list for your landscape is the key to success. Learn more.

Invasive Plants: The Real Weeds

Invasive plants have spread throughout the world due to our actions. We have the tools, and the science, to manage and control them. Doing so provides healthy habitat for ourselves and for wildlife. This important work is something within our reach if we act together. Learn to identify the invasive species in your environment and take action to restore nature’s bounty. Learn more.

Medicinal and Edible Plants in the Restored Landscape

Medicinal and edible plants are an integral and essential part of the restored landscape. Pollinators, wildlife and humans alike need these important plants to thrive. Let us help you to bring this bounty back into your landscape and restore nature’s balanced seasonal food web. Learn more.

Restoration Agriculture and Sustainable Practices

Combining commercial agriculture with the balancing influences of native plantings can greatly enhance our efforts in sustainable food production. Establishing suitable habitat for pollinators, and other beneficial insects is an important part of this equation. Erosion control, water quality, water conservation, and wind breaks are other important elements to consider in our land stewardship planning. Learn more.

Our mission is to wed environmental science with gardening, landscaping and agriculture to create a beautiful, sustainable, working relationship with nature.

Please call us at (518) 761-8983 or email Barbara.