About Our Landscape Services

What is Land Stewardship?

Land Stewardship is the practice of landscape management and restoration and the practical application of a philosophy that embraces our responsibility for caring for the land. It is a call to action for us to do everything in our power to encourage the health, diversity and adaptive resilience of our environment for the future.

Environmental concerns can overwhelm us. Stewardship objectives create a way to layout clear achievable steps to effect real progress and positive change.

Our Approach to Sustainable Solutions

Our goal at land Stewardship Design is to assist our clients in implementing the best restoration and remedial practices for sustainable landscape solutions. We will employ designs that are aesthetically distinctive, ecologically sound and in sync with the larger regional landscape’s character. This approach weds the art and science of plant ecology with the practical considerations of the landowner, contractor, farmer and gardener.

Our approach saves the landowner money and protects and conserves natural resources. It dramatically reduces the need for inputs in the form of irrigation water, fertilizers, and pesticides. The restored landscape takes less man hours to maintain. The restored landscape also supports many ecological habitat systems that afford balance and adaptability while naturally reducing pest populations, including the Ixodes tick (aka the deer tick), that causes so many serious health problems.


Land Stewardship Design Skills and Services

  • Site Specific Assessment and Restoration or Remediation Design
  • Project Management and Staff Training
  • Create Plant Lists and Procure All Needed Plant Materials and Seed Mixes
  • Erosion Control and Riparian Planting Designs
  • Habitat Enhancement for Wildlife and Pollinators
  • Invasive Species ID and Effective Removal
  • Native Edible and Medicinal Plant Community Establishment
  • Meadow, Hedgerow, and Pollinator Bank Planting Design
  • Creation of Maintenance Plans and Schedules
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